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2024 cybersecurity trends: what you should focus your energy on

It's that time of a new year! we're past the date of eating too much, meeting family and relaxing, and it's time to get back into the proverbial trenches of our industry. Attackers unfortunately don't tend to respect vacation time, so you need to stay two steps ahead! But that begs the question: two steps...

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IA aplicada a la seguridad: ¿Sueñan los androides con criminales adversarios?

A menos que lleves de 9 a 11 meses viviendo en una granja sin cobertura en la montaña, ya le habrás dado un tiento o dos a ChatGPT. A finales del año pasado, sin verlo venir por ninguna parte si no se estaba dentro del mundillo, de repente había accesible un asistente de texto con...

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Zero trust: Scramble the egg and bite the onion

If you've been anywhere near a tech news source lately, you've probably figured out two things: everything is hacked all the time, and everything moves very fast. But what can you do to stay on to of your security policies?

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