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We are excited to introduce our innovative mentoring program designed to connect cybersecurity professionals and help them grow together. Whether you are a professional eager to share your knowledge or you are interested in developing your full potential, our program offers you the perfect platform to grow and develop.

Personalized matchings based on interests, experience and goals
Personalized guidance to advance your career, improve your skills and overcome challenges
Access to a network of leading industry professionals
Ongoing support and regular checks to ensure progress and growth
Build lifelong connections and friendships in the cybersecurity community.


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An exclusive space for members to share resources, articles, security reports, events and keep up to date with everything related to the world of cybersecurity.

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designed only for members, an unparalleled opportunity for our valued members to immerse themselves in the enriching landscape of the cybersecurity community

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Barcelona Cybersecurity internal events promise not only professional development but also a unique chance to build lasting connections in a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Many open opportunities

Members will be able to attend our opening ceremony, summer break event, networkings, afterworks and much more!


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